Daily Range fees ( Non-Member):

$17.50/ hr + Range Ammunition Mon-Thurs 

$20.00/ hr + Range Ammunition Fri/Sat/Sun

2nd Shooter in stall

$12.50/hr Mon-Thurs, $15.00/hr Fri/Sat/Sun


 Pistol $15/hr + Range Ammunition

 Rifle $17.50/hr + Range Ammunition

Precision Rifle $25/hr + Range Ammunition


*Shotgun (slugs only) add $10/hr range fee

ALL Rentals require purchase of range ammo

**NYS Pistol Permit, Active Military over 21 or Law Enforcement i.d required to rent handgun**

* Walk-Ins required to use in house ammunition

* SAFEACT Compliant firearms only. We Do Not allow 'AR-Other' platform

* NYS Registration # and proof of registration required for all  Semi-Auto rifles with features regulated by the NY Safe Act.

* Rifle ammunition FMG. Standard Ammo only.

* No steel tipped, armor piercing or green tipped ammo allowed.

​*ALL Bags will be checked for Ammunition & Firearms.

​*Children between 12 and 17 are allowed to use rifle with a parent or guardian present. Proof of age required EX: Birth certificate, passport, driving permit, vax card.

​*Pregnant women are not allowed to go inside of the range. 

​*If you are wearing a low cut top or belly shirt you will need a jacket so you do not get burned by casings.