Are appointments required to use the range?
-Yes, you can make an appointment by calling us directly at 845-443-7727 or 845-663-8762

Can I use my own Ammo?
-Premium members can use their own Ammo ( YEARLY, 3 YEAR & LIFE)
-All other members & walk-ins are required to purchase Ammo in store.
-When using our rental guns you are required to use our ammo even if you are a premium member.
*A note for premium members: when using a guest pass your guest is required to purchase ammo*

What is Priority Range Time?

-A member benefit. This will give members range time preference during peak hours over 'walk-in' or dayshooters.
-When using a
Membership Agreement -Item #15
- Loaded firearms are not to be brought into the facility for the Range. Firearms are loaded on the firing line. This does not apply to concealed carry.

What age is legal to shoot?
NYS Penal Code 265 allows children age 12 & older with parent or guardian to use a rifle.
*Parent or guardian is required to bring proof of age for child EX: Birth certificate, passport, driving permit, vax card. People 21 and over are required to have a NYS pistol permit to use handguns. Active military over 21 are also allowed.

How Large is the Range?
-The range is 3 bays of 8 lanes for a total of 24 lanes. The length is 25yds.

What type of firearms can be used on the Range?
- The ballistic rating is up to .308 Winchester rifle or 3600 FPS. AR platform is fine at 5.56 mm. Standard ammunition only. NO steel tipped, armor piercing or green tipped ammo.

Can I use my AR?
-Yes, AR platform is fine but your firearm must be SAFEACT compliant. This includes the use of high capacity magazines. 10 rounds is legal in the range.

Will the Range provide rentals of firearms?
- The range will have rentals in several calibers of handgun and rifle. Handgun rentals will require a NYS Pistol permit and for you to use our ammo. Law Enforcement and Active military over 21 can use a handgun rental as well (bring ID).

Can I rent the range for large groups or parties?
-Yes, the range is available for rent to groups/parties. Call 845-443-7727 or 845-663-8762 for reservations.

Is there anything else that I should know?
-We suggest that people wear higher necked clothing or bring a jacket to cover up any exposed skin. A hat can also keep you protected from hot shells. Closed toed shoes are also suggested.
-Pregnant women are not allowed to go inside of the range, exposure to high decibels can lead to hearing loss of the child. Chronic exposure to guns and ammo could also increase lead toxicity for your child.