Gunsmith Services as of 02/09/2019


1. Minimum shop charge $25

2. Field strip & clean $30

    a. basic takedown, clean & inspection

3. Disassemble, Clean, Oil, Assemble (DCOA) $60

     a. Complete disassembly of firearm, thorough cleaning, oil, reassemble.

           i. Additional Fee can occure for extremely dirty or rusted firearms.

     b. Safety and Special Checks

     c. Test Fire

4. Intall Sights $35 (+ Cost of sights if not customer provided)


     b. Upcharge may occur for 1911 sights

     c. Upcharge may occure for revolver sights

5. Stock Refinish (cost varies)

     a. Hand rubbed oil finish, open pore $200

     b. Hand rubbed oil finish, closed pore $325

          i. Additional charges may apply for the following

               1. Oil Soaked Stocks

               2. Removal of large dents

               3. Crack repair

               4. Stripping epoxy like finishes (ex. weatherby MkV and some Browning models.)

               5. Staining if needed / desired.

6. Recoil Pad and Buttplate Installation $60

     a. Standard recoil pad and buttplate installation (labor only)

7. Scope mounting and boresighting $30

     a. Does NOT Include cost of scope & scope rings/bases

8. Boresighting 25 Yards $15.

9. Zero in rifle at range 25 yards, Ammo Not Included $65

10. Drill & Tap (per hole) $15

11. Install Uncle Mike's swivels, any style (swivels not included) $40

12. Trigger work on request (starting price) $60

     a. Additional fees for parts may apply

     b. Additional fees depending on firearm type may occur


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