815879010186 AIM Sports Clay Thrower

SKU:  ae00-1888
Manufacturer Part #:  815879010186
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Warm Up for Hunting Season with a Clay Target Thrower Whether you need to warm up for hunting season or take the family for a fun day in the field, the Aim Sport Hand Thrower can make shooting more fun. Sure you can throw a can in the air but you won't get the speed, distance, and control you get with a hand thrower. You can throw straight-away, crossers, skimmers and curves without a machine. A hand thrower is easy to carry and easy to use. Air Sport Standard Clay Target Hand Thrower Specifications and Features Aim Sport Item Number AIMCT010 Fits Standard Clay Targets Rugged Polypropylene Construction Orange
Manufacturer:AIM Sports


SKU:  ae00-1888^815879010186
Manufacturer Part #:  815879010186
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