853149004329 Browning Spec Ops Trail Cam

SKU:  ae00-1883
Manufacturer Part #:  853149004329
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Product Overview The most covert trail camera today has also been completely upgraded. The highest quality 10MP image resolution and invisible “Night Vision” IR illumination that reaches out to 70 ft., this trail camera is designed for the most demanding hunter. The new Spec Ops camera also features an incredible 1920 x 1080 Full HD video processor, capable of producing stunning video footage of your game that can be easily viewed on a computer or big screen TV. This camera is perfect for surveillance of game animals that are easily spooked, as well as a great security camera around your home or hunting property. Features Full HD video with sound Camo finish Up to 10,000 pictures on 1 set of Alkaline batteries Invisible “Night Vision” Infrared LED illumination at night


SKU:  ae00-1883^853149004329
Manufacturer Part #:  853149004329
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Price: $159.99

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