Safeshoot Utah Class

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Course Description:  

            Four hour, minimal training requirement for concealed firearm permit in the state of Utah.  This    permit is honored in several states, hence its appeal to residents of other states.  This course does not involve range time.  The course includes a review of safe gun handling and certain sections of Utah law.  NYS Pistol License is NOT required.

Time:  4 hours instruction, photographing, fingerprinting, filling out forms 

Cost:  $100 per person. 


  • Course as described above
  • Photograph required for application – taken during the class
  • Fingerprinting required for application – taken during the class
  • Assistance with completing application packet during class
  • Postage and delivery to post office after class
  • Copy of driver’s license – photo of DL taken during class, then printed
  • Certificate of Attendance – provided during class

    Follow Up: 

                After the class, instructor will take all applications, print the photos and driver’s licenses,             prepare and mail the envelopes to Utah.  Occasionally, the fingerprints are not accepted due            to smudges, etc.      Should the fingerprints and/or photograph need to be redone, there will be        no additional charge for this.  Instructor will meet the student at a location of convenience to             both.

    Students Should Bring the Following To the Class:

  • Check (with name imprinted on the check) for $63.25, payable to BCI OR credit card (provide on the application form)
  • Driver’s License
  • Copies of any supporting court dispositions, etc. if applicable
  • Copy of Naturalization certificate if applicable



Pre-registration is required and space is limited.

To register, call SafeShoot directly at (845) 443-7727.  We can take your registration             information right over the phone and you can pay by credit card!

When you call, please provide the following for each person you are registering:

            - date of the course (April 28th)

            - name

            - address, city, state, zip

            - phone number

            - email address

Utah Class

SKU:  ae00-1728
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