Safeshoot NYS Premises Pistol License Class

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THIS IS a 4 Hour = Premises Course!!! Module 1 Basic (Premises License) This is Module 1 only of the 18 hour NYS Concealed Carry Course. If you take this course only (4 Hours), you will only meet the requirements to apply for an ON PREMISE PISTOL LICENSE AS DEFINED ON the Ulster County Sheriffs Website as; 4 Hour = On Premises Course: A license issued for the protection of the business or residence premises. The use of the loaded pistol for protection is restricted to the INSIDE of the specified address on the license. 18 Hour Course = Concealed Carry: This license allows you to possess and carry a concealed firearm when proper cause exists for the issuance thereof. (P.L. 400-2-F) The concealed firearm may be carried except where restricted by law. All licenses are issued "Good Until Revoked."

NYS Premises Pistol License Class

SKU:  ae00-3168
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