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Mini Gun Class



Shooting Your Micro Gun – 
A three hour intensive program for those who wish to effectively incorporate Mini/Micro guns into their personal protection plan.
One hour of Lecture discussing:
•       The Good, Bad, and Ugly of the Micro Gun
•       Methods to shoot the Micro Gun effectively
•       Methods to safely deploy the Micro Gun
•       Methods of carry – support gear
Range – 2 Hours live fire
•       Using the Micro Gun at contact distance   (1 foot to 1 yard)
•       3 yards
•       5 yards
•       Safely Presenting the Micro Gun from concealment to target
Rounds required: 70 practice rounds
30 carry rounds for Qualification       
Cost: $100.00

Please bring:
•        minimum of two magazines
•       Foam and ear muffs, safety glasses. Cap with brim
•       Strong side holster or holster normally used
•       Comfortable loose fitting clothing
Ken Cooper L.E.T.C.
John Jenerose


Mini Gun Class