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Monday - Saturday 9am - 7pm   Sunday 10am - 4pm    

Learn the skills needed to safely operate the defensive carbine ( AR15, CZ Scorpion, PC9, Lever Action carbine)


Live Fire Class

50 rds, hearing & eye protection

Change of clothes for shooting

Carbine rentals available. May use your own firearm.


Defensive Carbine Class

Course Curriculum


1.  Objectives of Defensive Carbine Class -30 min

2.  New York State SAFEACT

3.  Mechanics of the Carbine rifle

     AR 15-Direct Impingement vs Gas Piston

     PC 9

     CZ Evo Scorpion

     Lever Action Carbine

4.  Field strip of the Carbine

5.  Complete breakdown of the AR 15

6.  Fundamentals of basic operation

     General safety rules

7.  Utility as a defensive firearm

      Pistol Caliber Carbines

8.  Range Time- 90 min

     Shooting stance basics

     Firing from standing, kneeling & prone positions

     Clearing malfunctions

     General shooting ‘pointers’ & ‘Pearls of Wisdom’


Defensive Carbine Class I